How it works

Every month a timely rental payment is made, we credit up to 100% of the rental fee towards the purchase of the rental instrument. If purchased within the first year, we match up to 20% of the accumulated credit! The credit earned may be applied towards the purchase of the rental or an upgraded instrument. Upgrade anytime, buy anytime or return anytime. It’s that simple!

There is no other program in the NATION that equals or beats the savings we offer! It is what we are famous for!

Buy at ANYTIME using the rental payment credits or simply rent for as long as needed. Why do we do it? We want our customers to enjoy playing their instrument and not feel overwhelmed by costs.  We want long-term players and an affordable, flexible rental program is the best way to expose new players to the string community without putting too much stress on one’s bank account.

What happens if your child only plays for a couple months and gets bored or wants to change instruments? No problem! Unlike most contracts that lock in customers for a long set amount of time, our program is month-to-month from the start. Return anytime and should the student decide to change instruments, the rental credit will transfer over!

Knowing the student’s proper instrument size is helpful. A teacher may have already sized them but if not click here and go to our How to Measure Your Child section for instructions.

Our rentals include an instrument professionally shop-adjusted, carbon or fiberglass genuine horsehair bow, case, rosin for the bow and name tag. Most schools will provide a supply list of additional items for the class such as a book, music stand, shoulder rest, cleaning cloth and tuners. We keep in constant communication with teachers about their programs and have a dedicated school representative that visits the classroom. Because of this relationship with our supporting teachers we carry everything needed for string programs at the lowest prices!

How are payments made? We provide the options of auto-debiting the monthly rental payment via checking account or credit card, or one can choose to send in monthly payments. We also ask for a last month’s payment as a security deposit. This payment will be held on the account as a credit. If decided to return the rental, please notify 30 days in advance so we may apply the last month’s payment. If decided to buy, we will apply the credit towards the purchase!